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What is the BRAINS ChemTech MockBoard Examination?
It's a 1-day examination simulating the Chemical Technician Licensure Examination.  It will be held on DECEMBER 2.

How does an examinee benefit from taking mockboards?
The mockboards are a usual way for prospective examinees to get acquainted with exam rules and question types as well as get an idea of any remaining weakness in his or her preparation as of exam date.

Who may take the BRAINS ChemTech MockBoard Examination?

All who have applied for and received a notice of admission (NOA) to the actual exam may apply to take our MockBoards.

Why should I take the BRAINS MockBoards?

Our examinations are designed by a highly qualified Board of Examiners with the Table of Specifications as guide. Your scores may guide you in identifying any remaining weaknesses that you need to address between the results date and the actual test.

How much is the fee?
Online examinees pay a discounted fee of  P500
(Regular P750). This fee is non-refundable.
What if I cancel the registration?
Deposits and fees paid are not refunded or transferred when registration is cancelled.
When can I register?
You may register for the MockBoards until November 27, 2023.

Do I get test results?
Yes. Your test results per subject will be sent to your email address on December 4.
Do I get a copy of the exam?
Will BRAINS provide or sell discussion sessions on the exam?
No. We will not sell anything else in connection to the Mockboards.

If I pass the Boards, will BRAINS include my name in their list of Board passers?
No. Only BRAINS review students are included in our list.
What rules are used in the administration of the BRAINS ChemTech MockBoards?
We strictly apply Board exam rules, including the confidentiality clause. These rules are modified for the same effect on the  ONLINE version.
Is the MockBoard exam online or onsite?
The ChemTech mockboards are strictly online only.
What do I need to prepare to register?
You will need to upload/submit
1. a scanned copy of your Notice of Admission to the actual boards. PLEASE REDACT/ERASE YOUR EXAMINEE OR APPLICATION NUMBER on the .pdf or .jpg before uploading.
2. proof of payment of refundable deposit (for onsite examinees) or test fee (for online examinees).
3. a signed and MANUALLY initialled copy of the BRAINS Online Simulated Exam Undertaking, downloaded from here .
4. scanned copy of your valid ID or school ID

We do not share your information with anyone else unless required by Court order.
How do I pay?
You may visit us at our Bahay ng Alumni - UPDiliman office and pay in cash or check payable to BRAINS Training and Review Corporation. Or, you may pay via bank transfer from your bank or e-wallet.

Our banks:
     Account Name: BRAINS Training and Review Corporation
     Account Number: 1991-0044-12

      Account Name: BRAINS Training and Review Corporation
      Account Number: 1086-7000-2435