Pharmacology Preview Course for incoming second year medical students
If you are an incoming second year student, pharmacology could be your biggest challenge come June. Before then, learn to integrate Physiology and Biochemistry into a holistic view of Pharmacology. Build your foundation by understanding this relationship as you study the theory of Pharmacology, and applying that understanding with the first few groups of drugs.

Our Medical Science Preview Courses are the equivalent of one semester (48 hours) of lectures and discussion (and exams, too!). They are handled like a regular class but with emphasis on the foundations of each subject. The aim is not mere knowledge, but understanding, so you can proceed to higher level thinking tasks when you take the actual course in MedSchool. This scaffolding of learning will support your efforts up to the Board Exams in four or five years' time.

If you build the foundation and learn how to think through the information overload, the rest should be easy.



May 2 to 31. Three to four-hour blocks, mornings or afternoons. Schedule to be confirmed by end of April.

At BRAINS-Quezon Avenue
(get map) .


Regular: P7,500 per student.

DISCOUNTED: 10% discount until April 16.

Number of slots: 35 maximum.