Be one of the outstanding new chemists of 2019
Rules of the Competition

The Outstanding New Chemist Awards competition recognizes academic excellence evidenced by superior performance in the Licensure Exams. It promotes commitment to excellent and honest work required of a true Chemistry professional.

1.   This contest is open only to students of the BRAINS Chemistry Boards Review Program of the current year.

2.  Contestants must not be concurrently enrolled in another Chemistry Review Program.

3.   Contestants must complete the basic review program to qualify for evaluation. They need not enroll in any optional program features.

4.   The top 10 BRAINS reviewees who enter the top 10 board exam ranks will receive the awards.

5.   The following prizes are at stake:

                      National Rank 1    -      PHP 10,000
                      National Rank 2-3 -      PHP 7,500
                      National Rank 4-10    - PHP 5,000

All awardees will also receive certificates of recognition. A total of 10 awards are available, but only those for which students qualify will be awarded. Any award in excess of 10 will be at the sole discretion of BRAINS Management.

6.   The major criterion for the awards is Board Ranking. However, when a tie occurs for the 3rd prize or the 10th place among the contestants, attendance in the review program will be used to break the tie.

If the tie persists, candidates in the tie will share the amount equal to the prize allotted to the slot + the prize allotted to the next lower slot.

Should more than one qualified BRAINS reviewee rank first place nationally, they would all get PHP 10,000 each.

7.   Prizes will be awarded as soon as proof of board exam ranking is presented to BRAINS. BRAINS reserves the right to verify such proof with the PRC.

8.   It is understood that cheating and similar unethical practices during the review or the actual examinations will disqualify candidates for the awards.
2018 Awardees