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Chemistry Boards Review
Optional Features
PRECEPTORIALS 1500 2500 3500
Number of Subjects Regular Rates Discounted Rates
1 1000 600
2 1200 750
3 1800 1000
4 2100 1200
The BRAINS Chemistry Boards Review Premier Edition works well for the majority of our reviewees. It has helped thousands of passers, including 176 topnotchers to-date. Some students need more help than others, though. And we gladly give it to them. The following services are offered at a very low cost (really low cost) to our reviewees who meet our strict attendance rules. That is, we believe you're going to make it if you work hard enough during the review. The add-ons won't help you recover lost ground due to absences.Here are the other services:
Discounted rates apply to students who are able to meet these attendance rules:

For sections A1, A2, E, and any other 4-hour per meeting schedule, students who qualify for the discounted rates must have made no more than 4 session absences.

For sections B and W, students who qualify for the discounted rates must have made no more than 2.5 session absences.

Attendance requirements for Special Edition students are the same as the Premier Edition

Preceptorial Course

Those who want to discuss the exams and problem sets may join our preceptorial sessions to do just that. You must have completed the exams and problem sets to join these sessions.

Former reviewees of BRAINS who will score at 38 percentile and up in our diagnostic Board simulation may be accepted into this program. Applicants from other review centers may also be admitted, but must show proof of enrollment, and take the diagnostic test. This add-on is not recommended for high scorers, but they may also be admitted, depending on the availability of slots.

For non-BRAINS reviewees and our former students, note that you need to be highly motivated to work without lectures for this option. You must also allot time to take the exams and solve the problem sets on your own.

Number of exams and problem sets = 45
Number of preceptorial hours = 24

Individuals who have never reviewed, or reviewed several years ago, and got very low scores in the diagnostic tests will not likely benefit from the preceptorials alone. Please enroll in the regular program.

Enrollment for these services is strictly on-site only.


ChemBoards Battery

Towards the end of the program, those who were able to submit all problem sets and take all daily exams are eligible to take a series of Board-type subject examinations we call the Battery. This Battery is free, though a deposit is required to ensure following test rules. Checking and ranking (vs. our databases) costs a low PHP75 for the four exams!

Battery Discussion

Those able to take the Battery qualify to enroll in the discussion sessions on the Battery exam items. For BRAINS reviewees, this costs as low as PHP 600 for one subject and PHP 1,200 for all four subjects! Recommended only for those who score low in the battery exams. High scorers may be admitted when slots are available.