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Phones (02) 83557408  (0995)-7636148
Email: info@brains.com.ph
FB - https://www.facebook.com/brains.review

Live and interactive online classes
will be held via Zoom.
Face-to-face classes will be held at the Ang Bahay ng Alumni Bldg., UP Diliman Campus, QC.


Pre-Review Boards Simulation -  June 29 and 30
Module 1** - Monday - Friday, 3:30 - 8:30 PM
                    **with occasional study-breaks.
Module 2 -  Monday - Saturday September 9 to October 6.

100% passing rate among program completers.
What is PremierPlus?

It's the most successful BRAINS ChemBoards Program, passing percentage-wise. It's composed of two parts:

Module 1. The Premier - An indepth and complete review based on the Chemistry Licensure curriculum. It includes lectures by expert senior-level UP faculty, pre- and post-review ChemBoards Simulation, and daily exams and problem sets to train you and evaluate your learning needs.

Pre- and Post-review Board simulations identify learning needs as of the time you take the exams. Results have close association with probability of passing and failing the actual Boards and are effective gauge of your progress.

Module 2. The supplemental 4-week KeepWarm given after the post-review simulation until days before the actual Board exam to address remaining difficulties and maintain strength in developed competencies. It includes paced problem sets and viewing of two remaining subjects you still find most difficult. Admission to this portion is free but is based on needs identified via the post-review simulation and on your attendance in the Premier program.
Who may enroll in PremierPlus?

PremierPlus is suitable for all Chemist Licensure examinees:
1.  Fresh graduates, including honor students, who went through the pandemic-affected coursework and need to make sure they study the whole exam curriculum to perform their best;
2.  Graduates of years back who need a complete review  course to update and refresh their knowledge to pass the exam;
3.   Those who did not pass previous exams and who feel they can work harder this time around.
May ChemTech examinees enroll in this program?
Last year, the Premier Program resulted in 100% passing rate for ChemTech examinees, including one Chemical Engineering graduate who chose subjects he decided he needed for the exam.

We recommend this program to late-graduating students qualified to take the ChT exams but won't graduate in time for the Chemist boards. They can finish the review now, and self-study next year. ChemTech examinees may also enroll in selected subjects. Please call us for this option.
REGULAR:  P17,900 per person. 
DISCOUNTED:  P17,000 for full payments until May 15. P17,400 for full payments from May 16 to May 31.
Slots may be reserved with a minimum non-refundable, non-transferable, but deductible
downpayment of P8,000.
Enroll now!

*Save P900 if you pay in full on or before May 15, 2024.
*Save 500 if you pay in full from May 16 - 31, 2024.

In photo: Mark Dennis Retrato, RCh, MSc.
PhD student, Uppsala University, Sweden
UPD graduate, BRAINS review alumnus