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You'll find our successful reviewees in all areas of a professional Chemist's career, in top position or on their way there. Professors and researchers in academe, here and abroad. Head chemists, here and abroad. Corporate R&D specialists, QC managers, and Entrepreneurs,  here and abroad. Patent experts, MDs, PhDs, here and abroad. Graduate students and scholars, here and abroad.

And they aren't only those from the "top" schools -- the schools that traditionally produce topnotchers, the schools that have the highest passing rates. Our successful reviewees come from universities all over the country. And yes, they study and work in many companies and institutions ... here AND abroad. Inspiring their people, our ChemTechs included, to aim higher, do better.

BRAINS Chemists are an empowered lot. And world-class, too!

That's because at BRAINS, the focus is getting our students to do more than they think they're capable of.  No enticements that the review will be easy, or convenient, or selective only of the topics that will be asked. No false hopes that the exam will be a walk in the park.

The aim is more than our students' passing the exam. It is to build their competence. To build their confidence. For the post-Boards future, when they will achieve beyond their expectations, make a difference in their field. In Science. And in other people's lives. And what can be more successful than that?

The BRAINS Chemist. Tatak-BRAINS. Tatak-Success.
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177 chemist topnotchers in 26 years,
Thousands of licensed chemists achieving,
making the country proud,
here and abroad.