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(Section ESC -- Our last offering for the January 2021 NMAT)

If you're entering Med School this coming year, the January 2021 NMAT may as well be your last chance to complete your credentials for submission to the top medical schools.

You need to be prepared. But in your busy-ness in the past months, dealing with the difficulties of online learning, you haven't had time to review.

We offer the Enhanced Short Course - a lecture-and-drills-based program you can fit into your semestral break. So you get that needed advantage in the NMAT.

ESC features:
1. All-UP Faculty, specialists in their field -- the best faculty team, bar none.
2. Complete coverage with emphasis on the basics, which you took in what may seem like a lifetime ago, and have likely forgotten.
3. 12-day program  with breaks fits into the January semestral break.
4. Livestreamed and interactive lecture and discussion sessions.
5. Option to attend classes onsite (limited slots) at BRAINS-Quezon Avenue.
5. FREE Medical School Entrance Interview Seminar (not included in the 12-days).

SCHEDULE - Whole-day classes -- 8AM-5PM with breaks -- daily starting January 3 and ending January 17.

MODE: Interactive Live Streaming
FEES:  P15,900
Non-refundable, non-transferable downpayment of P8,000 required for enrollment. Balance due on the first day of classes.