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Email: info@brains.com.ph
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BRAINS Training and Review Corporation
301 Ang Bahay ng Alumni Bldg., University of the Philippines
Diliman, Quezon City, PHILIPPINES

Telephones +632 8986-4345
When you aim to  be taught the Law in a grand manner and
become a great lawyer, you MUST show a good fit, or aptitude, for

Your grades may have given you a good start, but you must still
pass the UPLAE and the interview.
The UPLAE measures your language and reasoning skills -- verbal, quantitative, logical, analytical, and non-verbal -- in a time-limited test. You not only need to know the right answers; you need to give them fast. You need more than the APTITUDE, you need the SPEED, too, to rank among the highest.

The interview, on the other hand, reveals your attitude and values, and shows whether you have the will and fortitude to stay and succeed.

Get them from this Course.

You'll want a program that will fully prepare you for the exam,
whether it's given on schedule or postponed for a later date.  This
year, we have just what you need.

Module 1 - Main Program

A 44-hour teach-and-train program covering all areas tested in
the exam. Includes lectures, drills, and  one pre-review LAE
**P1,500 discount for full payments until November 15, 2023
Non-refundable, non-transferable, but deductible, reservation fee:  P6,000.

F2F and LIVE and Interactive Online classes will be held on Sundays for 4-6 hours a day  starting on November 26.

Venue is NBS College, National Book Store Building, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City.
Module 2 - Refresher and Speed Training

16 hours of speed training. Includes 12 hours of timed drills and
discussion to refresh what you've learned and improve your
speed in answering the questions.  A post-review LAE
Simulation caps the program. In case of exam postponement,
these sessions will be held 3 weekends before the actual UPLAE.

Module 3 - FREE Seminar on the Entrance Interview

A 6-hour seminar-workshop on handling the entrance interview.
A trained interviewer leads you through what-counts factors and
helps you show your best without having to deceive your panel.
Useful if you're applying for admission to other law schools, too.
Free to program enrollees.  An optional (paid) one-on-one
training is available to all interested.


Module 1, 2, and 3. 
Regular     P12,500
Discounted until November 15, 2023 - P11,000.

Module 3 only -
Interview Seminar - P1,000, OR
One-on-One Simulated Interview with Feedback - P3,000

Stand-alone LAE Simulation with Scoring and Analysis
- P900.
(Call us at 09957636148 for exam schedule)